Commercial rental property insurance

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Rental property insurance

Commercial rental property insurance is an insurance policy meant to cover owners of commercial rental property. Its purpose is mainly to avoid such risks that may arise due to fire, want, natural calamity or theft etc. and which may cause financial loss to the owner.

This type of insurance typically covers the land structure of a commercial property, which may include the building itself as well as certain fixtures, decorations, furniture or equipment the owner may have to maintain or manage the property. are used. Apart from this, it can also pay out to cover claims related to injury, wound or property damage caused at the affected site.

Commercial rental property insurance policies can usually be customized according to the needs of the owners.

The basic objective of commercial rental property insurance policies is to provide financial protection to commercial owners. This type of insurance policy protects the owners from the economic loss caused by any damage to their property.

The provision of this insurance policy is most lucrative for commercial owners whose properties face various perils. Such insurance policies are available on the basis of various options from which one can choose according to the ultimate requirements.

Commercial owners have to pay a premium to avail this type of insurance policy. This premium is determined based on the owner’s property size, location, usage, options and their needs.

In short, a commercial tenancy property insurance policy is an important source of financial protection for the owners, protecting them from perils of various forms.

Under this type of insurance policy, a variety of requirements are covered for commercial rental property. Following are some of the main requirements:

  1. Loss of land and buildings: This policy covers against any loss or damage to land and buildings. This includes fire, earthquake, storm, production surge, snowfall and different types of disasters.
  2. Special requirements: Commercial rental property insurance policy covers other special requirements such as covering damages caused when renters have ceased to use the property.
  3. When the tenant’s property is not immediately available: During a peril, when the tenant’s property is not immediately available, the benefits under the Commercial Rented Property Insurance Policy are provided.
  4. Loss of Baggage: Loss of baggage is also covered under this insurance policy. It covers damage to goods caused during calamities like theft, fire, earthquake and storm.
  5. Price: The insurance policy also covers the price to be paid for the commercial rental property upfront and each month.
  6. Health and safety: A commercial rental property insurance policy covers various requirements related to health and safety, such as advance safety restrictions for the building and use of equipment.
  7. Disputes: If there is any dispute regarding the rented property, the commercial rented property insurance policy helps in resolving it.


The maximum deemed sum assured depends on the type and features of the policy. Hence, before buying a commercial rental property insurance policy, compare other policies as per your needs and choose your insurance policy.


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